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The Blue Toes, is the most sociable student dance association in the north of The Netherlands and very active, Are you looking for a (new) sport? With The Blue Toes you'll dance through your student life.

If you can walk, you can dance!
Join 200 other students in Groningen with ballroom standard, ballroom latin and/or salsa dancing. We also organise social drinking nights, a weekend away and you can join several fun committees. Drop by during one of our open social drinking nights, have a drink with us and with your new Dutch courage, join our free workshops.

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Drink dates

To start off the new dance year we will organise some Social drink nights with free workshops. There will be some demonstrations and some other exciting things.



Social drink dates - free workshops

You won't have to bring antything but yourself. You can join us at any moment but the longer you wait the more you will miss

Open Facebook Event



Social drink dates - free workshops

Did you miss the first social? Don't worry you can join us on this evening

Open Facebook Event


Halfway September the lessons will start. You can join the first two lessons for free.

Start classes

  • Advanced 3 and Far advanced: Tuesday the 11th of September
  • Marcus Technique and Demo-couples Training: Wednesday the 12th of September
  • Advanced 1, Salsa Beginners, and Salsa Advanced: Friday the 14th of September
  • Beginners A: Monday the 17th of September
  • Advanced 2 and Beginners B: Thursday the 20th of September

There are two beginners lessons you can join. The first one is on Monday from 21:45-23:00. The other lesson is on Thursday from 19:45 - 20:30. The lessons are given on the Willem Alexander Sport centre. The salsa lessons will start on Fridays from 19:30-20:30 in the ACLO Station building.

More info on Rooster


The drinks are organized at "het paleis". The lessons can be found under Classes

Boterdiep 111,
9712 LM